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Ivone Jiménez-Munt

Present position: Researcher
GeoSciences Barcelona, Geo3BCN - CSIC

Before: Institut of Earth Science "Jaume Almera", ICTJA
Lluís Solé i Sabarís s/n. 08028 Barcelona. Spain
Tel: +34 93 4095410
Fax: +34 93 4110012

e-mail: ivone @

Publications in refereed journals


BSc in Physics, 1994. University of Barcelona. Spain.
MSc in Geophysics, 1997. Dept. de Geologia Dinàmica, Geofísica i Paleontologia. University of Barcelona. Spain.
PhD Thesis, in Physics 1999. University of Barcelona. Advisor: M. Fernàndez. Title: Numerical modelling of lithospheric deformation. Application to the Azores-Gibraltar region.

Previous Positions

January 1995-October 1999, ICTJA-CSIC. Barcelona, Spain:
Research grant for PhD. Institute of Earth Sciences 'Jaume Almera', CSIC. Barcelona. Working in geodynamical models. Developing thermal and mechanical models to study the lithosphere deformation. We apply thin sheet model to study the modern velocity and tectonic stress field in the Azores-Gibraltar region.

December 1997- February 1998, UCLA. Los Angeles, California:
UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles, USA. Prof. Peter Bird. Numerical model for the study of the modern velocity and tectonic stress field in the Azores-Gibraltar region. We used a thin-shell neotectonic modelling program.

November 1999 - April 2003, Università degli Studi di Milano. Milan, Italy:
Postdoctoral researcher. Department of Earth Sciences, Geophysics, University of Milan. Prof. Roberto Sabadini. Active deformation in the Mediterranean area and the Africa-Eurasia plate boundary from the Mid-Atlantic ridge to Algeria; numerical modelling, geodetic and seismological data. The role of the rheology of the lithosphere from the eastern Mediterranean on the velocity field and strain rate.

May 2003- October 2004, UCL. London, UK:
Postdoctoral researcher. Department of Earth Sciences, University College London. London. UK. Modelling of the evolution of the Alpine front, Adria and Europe collision. Model the lithospheric deformation as a thin sheet subjected to plane stresses, assuming a viscous vertically-averaged rheology and coupling this deformation with surface processes.

November 2004 - January 2011, ICTJA-CSIC. Barcelona:
Tenure Scientist - Ramon y Cajal
Institut of Earth Science "Jaume Almera", ICTJA-CSIC