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Neotectonics and geodynamic processes.
Developing thermal and mechanical numerical models to study the lithosphere deformation, UHURU.
Connection with the seismicity and geodetic deformation.
Rheology of the Earth.
Thermal and compositional distribution of the crust and upper mantle using an integrated geophysical-petrological modeling.
Temperature caracterization of the crust, geothermal.

My research is focused on the field of numerical modeling applied to the study of large-scale lithospheric deformation processes. Much of my work has focused on the programming and development of thermomechanical models with the aim of understanding the interaction between lithosphere-asthenosphere and its response in the variations on the elevation, temperature, and stress and strain distribution.
I have applied these models for two well differentiated studies:
1. For the recent deformation (neotectonic), which allows to quantify the rates and velocities of deformations, the orientation and magnitude of the stresses, being able to relate the seismic risk factors. Mediterranean, Western Africa-Eurasia boundary, Caribbean plate
2. For the knowledge of the formation of orogens and their associated processes such as loss of lithospheric root or orogenic collapse. The model has served to study the effect of gravitational and tectonic forces on the post-collisional deformation of the Alps and their current state of stresses, as well as for the influence of mantle dynamics on the topographic evolution of the Tibetan plateau. Alps, Tibet

I have also been interested in calculating the present structure of the crust and upper mantle using potential fields (Bouguer and Geoide anomaly), elevation, surface heat flow, seismic velocities and the petrophysics of the mantle. LITMOD2D_2.0

Integration of geophysical data with numerical modeling for geothermal purposes.

The topography as a combination of isostatic equilibrium and dynamic due to some mantle processes. I am also interested in subduction and delamination processes, their dynamic evolution and response on surface topography.

Zones of interest:

Caribbean Atlantic Alps Mediterranean